We are a team of top experts with many years of experience in jewellery.
With our help your idea may become your dream. We pay great attention to the satisfaction of our clients.
We produce jewellery using state-of-the-art technology under the strict control of experienced specialists,
such as gemmologists, top goldsmiths, hand and micro -setters with years of experience.

Consideration for others and not just for the client is the main pillar of the company.

SRJ Europe is situated in Prague, Czech Republic and a regular exhibitor at international trade shows during the year, like Inhorgenta Munich, VicenzaOro Italy, New Nordic Copenhagen or Hong Kong Jewellery and Gems Fair.


SRJ by SU RAJ INTER GOLD started as Vaishali Exports, which was founded by Kishore Khimavat in 1972. Vaishali exports is a leading manufacturer and exporter of loose diamonds with an office in the world´s biggest diamond bourse, the Bharat Diamond Bourse. Every day the bourse attracts hundreds of domestic and international trade communities for selling and buying diamonds of any natural colour, size, shape and grade.

SRJ by SU RAJ INTER GOLD was established in 2005 with 200 workers as a fine diamond jewellery manufacturer with a head office in Bangkok, Thailand. Family-owned Su-Raj Inter Gold is a one-stop shop for all jewellery needs. Thanks to the timeless design, quality of production, good prices and perfect service, the company grew to a strength of over 1 200 workers in a very short time. A team of designers travels the world, attending trade shows and collaborating with jewellery stores, to create new styles in the market. From the classic end of the spectrum to the high-end lines of jewellery, the company can fulfil the requirement of every customer.

SRJ by SU RAJ INTER GOLD has slowly expanded into the global market and to this day has branches all around the world, including Prague, Czech Republic. SRJ Europe is easily approachable for European customers with the goal to give them the perfect customer sale service.

SRJ offers about 10 000 pieces of luxury golden jewellery with diamonds and precious stones and growth is only due to our customer support and our high - quality service to them.


Today, many people measure their business successfully by turnover and margins. Personally, I believe SRJ by Su-Raj Inter Gold’s major
achievement is the trust we have earned of thousands of wholesalers across the length and breadth of the world.
Come sail with us as the wake follows. We at SRJ by Su-Raj Inter Gold take this honor and pride in supplying
the most opulent diamonds and jewels, which is our prime mission. We hereby look forward that the quality we produce,
will fulfill the quest of our customers for excellence in fine jewelry. We believe that the customer should be understood
so well that we know his needs much before he understands himself.
These are some principles that have helped us achieve market leadership in almost all markets around the world.
We welcome you to witness an entire new world of Gold Diamond & Gems Jewelry backed by world class manufacturing techniques,
elegant designs & innovation in the warmth of a personalized buying experience.”


Khimawat Trust - YES! We care..

The Khimawat Trust gives financial help towards constructing schools, colleges, hospitals, roads, railway platforms and humanitarian services
It also provides pensions to the needy. The Trust has planted around 750,000 trees on roadsides where shelter is needed.
It has won more than 300 awards from the Government as well as public organizations. These awards motivate the members to remain on track and keep working towards their goals.
Currently the Trust functions from Rani, Rajasthan and Maharashtra.


SRJ provides more than 10 000 luxury gold jewellery with diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, semi - precious stones and pearls.
Our jewellery is made of 14K or 18K white, yellow or rose gold.
Our precious stones are hand - selected by our certified gemologists and go through countless quality controls before being sent to our customer.


Design Department – where it all begins

Every piece of jewellery starts as a sketch on paper. Our Design Department has 5 designers working on sketches and another 4 who work with Corel Draw Ver-x7 Software. They each can create around 5 to 6 new designs per day. After the draft is ready, the paper is scanned into the computer and the whole process starts. Designers work on the settings of the stones, the correct sizes and width of prongs. Set up the weight of the stones and color of gold. The last step is the approval of the superior designer.


After the draft is ready, the paper is scanned into the computer and the whole process starts.
Designers work on the settings of the stones, the correct sizes and width of prongs. Set up the weight of the stones and color of gold.
The last step is the approval of the superior designer.

It takes a minimum of two hours to complete the basic design.


Computer Aided Design
Our CAD Department uses the most up to date technology and software to create the designs. Once they have done all modifications and have final customer approval, the 3D printing machine creates the resin master.

Mold and waxing
Mold department is the place where it kept all designs of the jewellery. Every mold has own design style number. Design style number is very important for pick out the correct earrings, ring, bracelet, necklace or some linking parts.

Jewelry wax is a specially designed wax used in the creation of jewelry pieces through the lost wax casting process. They are hard and designed to be carved, filed, sawn and polished. Wax is use for filling the mold. The mold pieces are put in wax machine and the spare part are filled. Wax must be carefully pulled out and rechecked. We make sure that stone sizes have enough space to be set it in. In this case are parts for stones checked by cubic zircons.

In the next step, the jewelry goes through the casting process. Wax models or resin type materials are connected to one another on a sprue to form a tree. The wax tree is putted into the plaster and let it set in the casting oven. In the oven, all the wax will melt out and leave cavity inside of mold. After the process is the hollow filled with molten metal. The metal then dries into the shape on your jewelry.

Jewellery Assembly
Although casting transformed the jewellery into fine metal, the jeweller needs to make any aesthetic adjustments, as well as make sure the piece can functionally support gemstones. Filling is the first tool to refine the edges of our jewellery piece and prepare for other finishing applications like filling and linking. The filling is perfect step to remove burrs or round any sharp edges. At this point the jeweller refines the main structure of your ring, necklace or other piece and being linked. After the mount is completed, the jewellery is ready for stone setting.

The stone setting process
For this step, the stone setter finally adds the diamonds or other gemstones onto your piece. Our hand setters carefully set the central and side stones into the mount. Time to time it needs to be done micro setting, at this point, our setters are using a microscope and set each separate stone.

Polishing, finishing and quality assurance
The piece of jewellery comes for polish were all metal related issues are cleared.
Polishing and finishing process for most jewellery begins with rough precious metal forms created during jewellery casting. Rustic gold castings have a crude finish and lack lustre when they are created. The beautiful models rendered by a Cad Jewellery Design team bear little resemblance to raw casting that polisher has to work with at the outset of a project.
When all the jewellery polishing is complete, and all surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned, it can be applied any chemical finishes needed such as rhodium plating.
After final check is the jewellery piece given for rhodium. Rhodium is a precious metal that is in the family of platinum. Rhodium makes jewellery more resistant to scratches. Metals known as white are more of a gray color, so white gold has a yellowish cast. The piece is dipped in rhodium to get a bright white look moreover a very thin layer of rhodium electroplating is used to make jewelry shine.
Some of the most important quality control parameters are design aesthetic look of live piece, diamond control quality as per customer requirement, making sure that your jewellery does not have any sharp edges, ring sizes and all locking mechanism, microscope – check of the loose diamonds, rhodium shine check.
After all, the jewelry is inspected and each detail is analyzed to make sure production was successful.